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A 100 year-old legacy is no easy feat to achieve, but ever since its birth in the 19th Century, Jaidah Group has proven to be a proud and integral part of Qatar’s constantly-evolving industry. The true realisation of its premier standing took place in the mid-20th Century, when the automobile – previously a luxury – became a necessity. Once again proving to be not just a beneficiary of the country’s great change, but as a catalyst of it, Jaidah Group responded by launching its passenger vehicle division, Jaidah Automotive; one which has stood the test of time for over 50 years.

Since then, Jaidah Automotive has become the foremost retailer of its kind in Qatar, a position and reputation garnered by being associated with the very best products, brands and services. But it doesn’t end there. Our after-sales facilities consist of a number of top-notch services, including a full-service workshop, a parts warehouse, a fully-equipped body shop and three Chevrolet Quick-Service Centres. This is all part of the Jaidah Automotive drive, to exceed the limit of your expectations.