FREE Cooling Cycle Check

Cooling cycle check will include checking for coolant leakage, links/hose conditions, condition of electrical​ components such as the fan and other related items concerning the cooling system of your car.

FREE SRS Airbag Check

FREE Brake System Check

Brake System check include inspection of brake thickness and condition, parking brake stiffness, ​inspection for brake line leakage and condition and fluid levels and top up if required.

FREE Oil Leak Check

Oil​ Leak check include inspection of engine compartment (engine, power steering, transmission, etc) and beneath your car (differential, brakes, etc). Also cleaning, tightening of links and topping up of oil, if required.

FREE Tire Check

Tire Check include inspection of tire conditions and thread depth.

30% Discount on several parts & 30% Discount on all labour costs*.

You can get your FREE checks at any of Jaidah Automotive's 5 Service Centers and should you request a quotation, it will remain valid for 2 months too.

We can't say fairer than that.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please note that some discounts have already been applied and won't be subject to further discounts.